about caitlin

well hello there! i’m caitlin, the proverbial wizard behind the curtain. i’m a writer, digital marketer, influencer and pinterest addict who loves learning new things, art in all of its forms and a cup of coffee in the morning. i’m a twenty-something living in st. louis with my number one guy, andrew; our dogs, casper and norman; and our anti-social cat, wendy.


here’s a little roadmap of what you can expect to see: my thoughts on the world around me, including but not limited to food and drink, fashion, beauty, DIY and travel. and oh yea, and a whole lot of real life.

i’m going to be real with you — always. and i hope you’re real with me too.

this is my second attempt at something like this, and i’m by no means an expert. i want to learn and grow along with this little blog, and i hope that you do too.

thanks again for stopping by!

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