gift guide: experiences

2020 is the year of virtual experiences, so i pulled together a few of my favorites — some i’ve done, and some i haven’t.

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  1. for the reader in your life, Book of the Month is the perfect gift. buy a giftcard for a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription, and the recipient will get to pick a book from a variety of new titles each month. the books are hardback and average out to about $15 per book, which is unheard of. i love my Book of the Month picks and can’t wait to pick out my December book!
  2. through work, i’ve hosted several virtual charcuterie board creation classes from Alice’s Table. you can participate in a public class or purchase a private class for a group of family or friends! a box of the supplies needed for the class is shipped right to your door, and you can pick from a variety of classes, including charcuterie, wreath making, and flower arranging!
  3. we’ve purchased meal kits from several different services, but Home Chef is by far our favorite. you can pick from a variety of meals and box sizes, and all of the ingredients are shipped to your door with step-by-step instructions. the cost per meal is about $6.99, which is way cheaper than eating out (which most people aren’t even doing anymore) and is similar to what an average meal cooked at home breaks down to.
  4. is there a creative person on your list but you’re stumped as to what to get them? this 30-day handlettering class through Creative Bug is just the thing. subscriptions are available on a monthly, unlimited, and yearly basis. if handlettering isn’t their thing, there are hundreds of classes to pick from!
  5. for the budding bartender, a DIY cocktail club is the perfect gift. each month, they’ll get three recipes that revolve around a different type of liquor and everything they need to make 12 drinks, minus the liquor. now through December 15, the Rums of Origin 3 box is available.
  6. give the gift of music lessons with Fender Play. this online subscription provides an all-access pass to hundreds of instructor-led song and technique videos. prepaid lesson subscriptions are available in six- and 12-month packages.
  7. pick up a year-long US National Parks Pass for the outdoorsman (or woman) on your list because getting outside is still important.

this is not a sponsored post, and these are not affiliate links (Book of the Month is a referral link, but no one is paying me for sharing it). all opinions are my own.

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