Whole 30: days 3/4

we ended up eating dinner at our friends’ house last night, so i didn’t cook anything. but man, does it make you feel loved when your friends support your current food needs and make accommodations for you.

i don’t have a pic, but our friends grilled steaks and vegetable packets and we brought a salad. it was a simple, tasty meal! if you’ve never thrown a bunch of different veggies into an aluminum foil packet and thrown it on a grill, you’re missing out.

today, my team and i did a virtual lunch, where we each ordered from a different restaurant, picked it up, and talked to each other via Teams while we ate. it was nice to enjoy a business lunch with them, even though it was virtual.

i struggled with where to order from while following Whole 30. there are limited options near my house, and the majority of them are traditional fast food options. however, there is a Qdoba less than two minutes from my house. Qdoba has a Keto- and dietary-restriction-friendly menu, but it doesn’t specifically provide Whole 30 options.

after a bit of research, i discovered that although it’s difficult to know what types of oils are used during food prep, Qdoba’s pulled pork is a good Whole 30 option. also, beware of the sauted onions and peppers: although you would think they’re Whole 30-compliant, they’re likely not because of the oil used to cook them. Chipotle’s fall into this same category.

salad with pulled pork, guacamole, pickled jalapenos, diced onions, pico de gallo, and salsa verde.

while doing Whole 30, i’m trying to limit the number of times i’m ordering out because i don’t know specifically how something is prepared. i’m not super worried about those types of unknowns, but don’t want to undo any of the good stuff the Whole 30 is doing for my gut health.

grocery shopping is on tap for tomorrow. i need to find a Whole-30 compliant hotdog…wish me luck!

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