gift guide day 10: animal lover

everybody loves animals, right? but then there are people who really love animals. like me!

animal lover.png

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1. give the gift of laughter with this Text from Mittens the Cat 2020 calendar. each day  features a conversation between “Mitty,” a box-loving, over-anxious, self-absorbed house cat, and his owner.

2. having animals isn’t all cuddles and derpy faces. sometimes it’s messy. these biodegradable poop bags are a must for any dog owner — the holder easily clips onto a leash and is refillable.

3. this dog blueprint is the perfect piece of artwork for them to hang on their wall.

4. looking for a gift for a cat lover butt can’t find the right one? these cat butt magnets are sure to turn heads.

5. animals and humans alike will like this doormat. its coir design will hold up to the elements and foot traffic.

6. do you know someone who hates to leave their dog alone when they’re at work? get them the Furbo Dog Camera so they can peek in on their dog’s activity during the day and remotely give them treats.

7. dog owners can be a little…extra. the Embark Breed Identification Kit will allow them to test their dog’s DNA with a simple cheek swab (ha, yea right) and find out their breed ancestry.

8. dogs come with a ton of hair that falls out all over the floor. get them the Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover, which is supposed to remove hair from furniture and carpet with just a few swipes.

9. again, dog owners can be extra. if you know one that likes to take their dog with them everywhere, they need a dog backpack. this one comes in six sizes and is perfect for a variety of activities, including hiking and cycling.

10. if they’re constantly taking their dogs on long walks, hikes, or car rides they need a collapsible dog bowl so their doggo always has access to water.

day 11 is all about the outdoors!

this is not a sponsored post, and these are not affiliate links. all opinions are my own.

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