gift guide day 9: jetsetter

do you have a world traveler in your family? you might not want to volunteer to help them pack for their next trip, but you could give them something that they will want to take with them every time they travel.


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1. passport holders make a great gift for newlyweds or 20-somethings that always seem to be on the go.

2. for the highly organized packer, packing cubes are a must. i have a set of them and really like being able to separate my clothing neatly in my suitcase.

3. a carry-on hard-sided suitcase is a great gift for anyone who travels a lot — whether for work or for pleasure. if this brand is out of your price range, check stores like T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s — they always have a ton of options.

4. finding the best travel toiletry bag was my goal this year. and i found it! now i’m passing this find onto you.

5. this is not a joke: if you’ve got someone on your list who is in their car a lot, they need these dip cups! it just attaches to their air vent so they can dip their nugs or fries as they drive.

6. traveling internationally calls for a universal adapter. this one can charge up to three devices at once and comes with a cute case!

7. just like Santa, they’ll make a list and check it twice before a trip. put this packing list in their stocking to help them ensure they don’t forget anything.

8. sleeping on a plane is never comfortable. this inflatable neck pillow will keep their neck from getting stiff and will easily fit in their suitcase.

9. if they’re anything like me, they have to bring 15 different cords and chargers with them when they travel. give them this cord roll to help them keep everything organized.

10. hotel hairdryers suck. this travel hairdryer is small enough for travel and powerful enough to use on a daily basis.

i want to go on a trip now, don’t you? check back tomorrow for gifts for animal lovers.

this is not a sponsored post, and these are not affiliate links. all opinions are my own.

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