gift guide day 5: techie

the latest and greatest tech items make great gifts, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to gift them.


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1. we picked these universal gaming headphones up on Black Friday as a birthday gift for my husband. they’re compatible with any platform — even PCs.

2. we’ve had a Crosley turntable for years. they’re great for the vinyl lover in your life, and are really affordable when compared to other record players on the market.

3. our doorbell doesn’t work, so we ordered a Ring doorbell on Black Friday. it was a big day for us, apparently.

4. if your kids love music, a wireless Bluetooth speaker is probably at the top of their list. my husband got one last year for Christmas, and it’s perfect for using around the house and for outdoor events.

5. we live in an older house, and these smart light switches have been a great way to make easy updates. we can now turn off the light switches on two floors of our house with our Google Home.

6. we got my father-in-law an Amazon Fire Stick this year. they’re a replacement for traditional cable, and much cheaper in the long run. hopefully he likes it…

7. blue light glasses are musts for gamers who sit in front of screens a lot. they’re also great for those who stare at computers at work all day.

8. everybody wants an Apple Watch, right?

9. i’m obsessed with my Popsocket. they’re great stocking stuffers, and can be restuck on different phones and phone cases.

10. a Disney+ subscription is the perfect gift for all ages. i’ve been obsessed with Lizzie McGuire and have watched all three High School Musical movies already. and yes, i’m 12.

next up is my guide for the beauty guru on your list.

this is not a sponsored post, and these are not affiliate links. all opinions are my own.

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