gift guide day 2: beer baron

gift guide #2 brings us to the person in your life who loves beer. for me, that’s my husband. and my brother-in-law.

there are a few things on this list that are under the tree for them, but i’m not going to point them out on the off chance they see this.

beer baron.png

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1. i got my husband something very similar to PubPass last year. available in 12 cities, the pass includes a free beer at 25 bars and breweries around town. in St. Louis, stops include Amsterdam Tavern, Urban Chestnut, Schlafly, The Royale, and more.

2. a flight board is perfect for sampling different styles of beer at home. this option comes with four 5-oz. taster glasses too. as if your home needs another beer glass, am i right?

3. chill beer bottles with one of these beer chiller sticks. your beer lover can pop them in the freezer and pull them out when they have a room-temperature beer they want to drink right away.

4. do you have a homebrew enthusiast in your family? Mr. Beer kits are great gifts — they come with everything needed to brew a beer in the kitchen, garage, or basement (except the water, of course). these kits are especially great for first-time homebrewers!

5. we have one of these beer cap states in our basement bar area. pick a state and pop in beer bottle caps for a unique piece of art.

6. give the gift of their favorite beer with this insulated growler and carrying case. growlers keep beer carbonated (and cold, in this case) for about 48 hours. and the carrying case is great so the growler doesn’t roll around in the car on the way home.

7. Avengers, unite! pop a bottle with an infinity gauntlet bottle opener, and they’ll be the coolest person in the room. just make sure they don’t snap their fingers…

8. whiskey stones are the new ice cubes. they can chill them in the freezer and keep their liquor cold without diluting it.

9. (this list is all about chilling drinks, apparently.) create bar-worthy ice cubes with this ice ball mold. use one in a high ball glass for the coldest drink around.

10. finding a beer or soda in a cooler at night is like finding a needle in a haystack. this cooler light will illuminate their choice so they’re only grabbing what they want.

tomorrow’s gift guide will be all about sustainable gifts!

this is not a sponsored post, and these are not affiliate links. all opinions are my own.


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