girls’ trip: Chicago

my husband and i live about 13 hours from my parents, so we only see them a few times a year. my parents also own a seasonal business, which makes planning last-minute trips difficult.

it just so happened that at the beginnign of this month, my mom and i were both free to take a long weekend trip to Chicago together. my mom and i haven’t traveled together, just the two of us, in almost a decade. and we’ve never just taken a girls’ trip for fun—our previous trips together were for volleyball tournaments, swim meets or college visits.

now, there are hundreds of things to do in Chicago. we barely scratched the surface. but here’s a quick rundown of what we saw, did and ate during our stay in the windy city. (side note: Chicago isn’t called the windy city because it’s windy. it earned this nickname because of its historically long-winded politicians.)

the sights:

we walked about 20 miles in 3.5 days and saw a good chunk of downtown. we walked pretty much everywhere we went, but did take a Lyft to Wicker Park to visit Myopic Books and to the Auditorium Theatre for Jersey Boys. when i visit again, i want to figure out the train. (i have a hard time with maps, guys, and train schedules and stops intimidate me.)

the attractions:


Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago Cultural Center. Willis Tower Skydeck. Chicago Architecture Cruise. The Bean. just like in NYC, i don’t think you would be able to do all of the things Chicago has to offer in a lifetime.

the food:

we had some great food and hit up quite a few happy hours. we ate at the oldest Italian restaurant in Chicago and The Berghoff, a Chicago institution since 1898. my favorite place we ate was The Hampton Social. if you go for brunch, order a Bloody Mary—they’re phenomenal.

for my Chicago restaurant recommendations, reviews and photos, check out my Yelp profile.



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