efforts in sustainability

one of my new year’s resolutions is to be more sustainable. sure, i recycle what the city of st. louis says i can recycle, but there is so much more i can do. i’m afraid of what the world will be like for my kids and my kids’ kids if everyone doesn’t pitch in and do their part.

i’m not into menstrual cups or buying 100% sustainable clothing. i’m more interested in small, everyday changes i can make that will help alleviate my carbon footprint in the long-run.

here are a few things that i’ve recently purchased that are helping me in this journey.

reusable grocery bags. i keep them in my trunk so they’re always on-hand. i do the majority of my grocery shopping at Aldi, which doesn’t provide free plastic bags for shoppers. this has forced me to collect resuable bags, and most of them for free from events and other things over the years. speaking of Aldi, they sell great reuseable bags for less than $1. if i do get plastic bags, i reuse them for picking up dog poop or scooping cat litter.

reusable produce bags. most of the plastic produce bags found in grocery stores are now made from corn, but i don’t feel that bringing a ton of these home are necessary. i don’t use them to store produce in my fridge — they’re something i toss as soon as i get home. i now use small, reusable produce bags that can be thrown in the wash after each use, unless you want the oranges you buy next week to smell like the cilantro you bought this week.

reusable produce bags.jpg

reusable water bottle. i’ve had a reusable water bottle for years. since probably high school, when i kept one on the side of the pool during swim practice. my favorite one right now is actually a stainless steel, insulated tumbler from S|M. i got mine for a fraction of the cost of a Yeti, and it works just as well.

stainless steel tumbler

stainless steel straws. plastic straws are one-use items (much like plastic water bottles and bags) that end up in our oceans by the thousands. they’re not biodegradable and are harmful to wildlife. bamboo or stainless steel straws are great alternatives — i keep a stainless steel straw in my purse and always use one with my stainless steel tumbler. PRO TIP: make sure to use the a little bottle brush to occasionally clean them, or send them through the dishwasher.

stainless steel straw.jpg

dryer balls. my mom actually introduced me to these, and i don’t know why everyone doesn’t use them. they take the place of dryer sheets, which aren’t biodegradable, and fabric softener, which can be harmful to your sewer system. i got mine from Amazon, but you can also buy them from local alpaca farms, including my aunt and uncle’s farm.

dryer balls.jpg

i still have a number of items in my Amazon cart that i haven’t pulled the trigger on yet, including reusable paper towels, reusable makeup remover cloths, reusable storage bags (to replace ziploc bags), beeswax wrap, a small compost bin and less harmful cleaning products (i’m really interested in the Mrs. Meyer’s line).

what are some sustainable products you use that you love?

until next time,

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