mission: organization

i’ve always been an organized person — a place for everything, and everything has its place (as the saying goes).

i saw everyone posting about the show “tidying up” on netflix, but had my reservations about watching it. i was afraid that once i watched it, i wouldn’t be able to stop konmari-ing my house.

marie kondo 1.png
every piece of clothing i own. every. last. piece.

after watching two episodes, i was convinced the konmari method was the way to alleviate some of the clutter in my life. i pulled every single piece of my clothing onto our bed, which gave me a deadline — i had to have everything cleaned up by bedtime. it honestly made me sick to see the sheer amount of clothing i owned. there are people all over the country freezing on the streets, and here i am with so much excess.

i went through each piece and asked myself “does this spark joy?” if it didn’t, i thanked it and put it in a ‘to donate’ pile. that pile grew and grew and grew and grew, and i eventually filled FOUR large trash bags that i donated to a local nonprofit.

my closet is now functional, and i feel like even though i still have a lot of clothes, it’s been edited down to thing i love and wear often.

my husband even commented on how easy it was for him to find what he was looking for in the dresser. that’s huge, coming from him. he normally notices nothing. (i didn’t konmari his closet or drawers, just organized them. that’s a project for him.)

i tackled our bathroom, kitchen, basement, my craft supplies and makeup collection. unfortunately, i didn’t take before/after photos of these endeavors, but here are some pics of our kitchen now that it’s better organized and pared down to what we use and/or need.

this drawer was the bane of my existence. i could never find what i was looking for and we had four sets of measuring spoons, which is ridiculous. it’s now organized, and is the new home to some of our tea and tea accessories. (and yes, we have a lot of tea).

our house doesn’t have a pantry, so we bought a cabinet from ikea to hold our dry goods and some smaller appliances. it was overflowing and we needed a new solution for our bulk foods. these 2-quart ball jars are perect for rice, oats, granola and beans. plus, they look cute on the windowsill over the sink.

until next time,

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